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Germania Automotive is a mobility engineering company based in Germany.

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Great engineering derives from great listening.

Germania Automotive is the innovation company in the field of Mobility Engineering. With Decades of Experience of Development, Manufacturing and Homologation of very different vehicle classes, we have made various concept dreams come true.

Our customers come from various continents and industries but have one thing in common: They are looking for a solid partner to support or lead their mobility development projects. With a great team of engineers and a worldwide network of suppliers and partners, Germania Automotive has the capability to support projects at any possible scale.

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The Fahrplattform® is a modular, adaptable vehicle Platform. It is able to provide a street legal basis for a wide array of concepts which require a safe and functional, electrically driven chassis. Developed according to ISO26262 and applicable vehicle certification standards, the Fahrplattform® is the fastest way to bring your idea of an electric vehicle to life. Fahrplattform® is road legal and completely ready to use.






With our expertise in various fields of the mobility engineering sector, we are able to support a vast variety of mobility engineering projects for you. This includes the Development of Testing Platforms, People Movers, Cargo Movers, Vehicles with automation functions up to Level 5, motorized bikes, electric scooters as well as car trailers.